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Please send a letter (see below – we made it easy) to the Mayor of Big Island.

and if you have the time, please send/cc it to any of the other County Council Members on the LIST.

1) Copy/paste the letter below into your email.

Please feel free to edit/change and adapt.

Making it personal creates a huge impact!

2) Send this link to anyone you know who would be willing to send a letter too. 

WHAT?!? is going on?

YES! there is a new bill being drafted – it is in it’s 4th and final – that our County Council is trying to pass to restrict/eliminate all non-hotel type, short-term rentals.

They feel it is their way of dealing with the housing crisis.

This means when you want to come visit Hawaii your ONLY option in the future will be staying at hotels.

If you take a moment and think of the “collateral damage**” it will cause, it does not make sense! 

But, this is what they are trying to do anyway.

We need your help now!

The collateral damage of this bill has the potential to be swift and significant and hurt so many people.

**Think of the impact it will have on all the locals: your vacation hosts, the housekeepers and landscapers, and their families, all the local businesses and farmers markets you visit and so many, many more that are part of the ecosystem of Hawaii’s tourism industry.

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ATTN: Mayor Mitch Roth [or Council Member’s Name – see CONTACT LIST above]
Email: [or Council Member’s email – see CONTACT LIST above]

Subject: Visitors Concerns Regarding Restrictions on local vacation rentals and the collateral damage it will cause.

Dear [Mayor Mitch Roth or Council Member’s Name – see CONTACT LIST above],

My name is [Your Name]. [I am writing on behalf of myself and my family and friends OR I am writing on behalf of myself and my family or I am writing on behalf of myself and my partner as we are repeat visitors/vacationers] of the Big Island. We writing to express our concerns regarding the potential imposed restrictions on hosted transient accommodation rentals (TARs) that are currently under consideration. We are concerned about the collateral damage the current draft amendments presented will generate.

While we understand the importance of community planning and the need for balanced regulations, it is obvious to us that the long-term consequences this bill presents have not been fully taken into account through proper studies and research.

• There is a long list of reasons why we love to come vacation in Hawaii and specifically the Big Island.

• There is a long list of reasons why we pick renting a local vacation rental over staying at a hotel. The most obvious is the cost.

• There is also a long list of experiences that staying at a local vacation rental offers that a hotel does not offer.

Our primary concern is that if you impose these restrictions, most current and future hosts will be forced to close down their rentals. It is very important that you understand that next year we will not simply move our vacation and all the money we spend over to a hotel, the reality is we will not want to return back to Hawaii and specifically the Big Island.

Yes, the Big Island is blessed with a blend of natural wonders and cultural heritage that has attracted millions of visitors from across the globe. It is critical to acknowledge that tourism is Hawaii’s primary financial resource. Your economy and your jobs rely heavily on the revenue generated from the tourism industry. ANY policies that hinder its growth will have significant ramifications. If this bill passes the collateral damage has a very real possibility of being swift and significant.

If you pass this bill and limit our options to rent locally from locals, we will not return to stay at a hotel. Instead, we will find another destination like Bali or Fiji or Costa Rica that can offer the heart and local vibe experiences we currently receive when visiting Hawaii.

What this means is our money that brings a significant amount of revenue into your:

  • small businesses and restaurants
  • local families who offer their arts and crafts and food at your local farmers’ markets and depend on this to survive
  • with us renting locally it helps employ all those who service the rentals (i.e. housekeepers, landscapers etc) who depend on this to survive.
  • and think about the state taxes and accommodation taxes and county taxes we pay each time we visit 

will instead be spent at other vacation destinations.

A thriving tourism sector not only supports our local businesses and job market, it also provides vital funding for public services (like your jobs}, infrastructure development, and community welfare programs. Restricting TARs without a comprehensive assessment of the potential economic impact risks will undermine the fragile financial foundation upon which our island’s prosperity rests.

By restricting TARs, you are going to risk setting off a domino effect that could have dire consequences for your community and your economy. With a decrease in visitor accommodations in smaller communities, you will experience a substantial reduction in demand, further exacerbating the economic consequences.

It is essential to consider the very real and significant cascading effects on the livelihoods of our fellow residents before implementing any restrictive measures such as the ones you are proposing here.

It is imperative that the Hawaii County Council consider the direct consequences this bill will have on much, much more than just reducing/restricting/eliminating rentals before finalizing any decisions. 

I am hopeful that, as representatives of the people of Hawaii, you will strive to make decisions that support the prosperity and harmony of locals and their families and us as visitors who hold Hawaii in our hearts.


[Your Name]