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Make your opinions, feelings, suggestions known to those who are supposed to be making decisions on your behalf.



• Please be kind.
• Please be respectful
• Yes… be honest!

1) SHARE with them who you are and how this bill will ultimately affect you and your ability to live here on the Big Island:

• Visitor/Vacationer
• Local Service Provider
• Inter-island professional
• Inter-island family visitor
• TAR Host
• Local Artist, Merchant
• Cultural Educator

2) ASK them questions:

• Where is the proof and independent research supporting the claims they are making against TARs?
• Where is the proof and independent research supporting that this will solve the problems they are claiming will fix the housing shortage and protect the public?

• Where in this current ordinance does it show how they are actually listening to, and taking action on the feedback and collaborative opinions and input made by the people who voted for them into office to be their voice?
• Where in this current draft does it reflect that they have listened to and made the corrections and adjustments to the majority “vote” feedback and collaborative opinions left on the Support/Oppose site they put up for us to have our voices be heard?

• Have they considered how restricting TAR will domino effect and significantly damage a majority of people (TAR hosts, Local Service Providers, etc) and their family’s livelihoods who live on the Big Island?
• Have they considered how restricting TAR domino effect and significantly damage Hawaii’s primary financial resource – Tourism?
• Have they considered that the threat of squatters is so significant that many current TAR hosts will not risk shifting over their rental to LTR thus not helping solve the housing shortage issues?
• Have they considered that the approach and path they are establishing is a path to a mass community of angry constituents, and endless litigation that will further tie up court systems, and wastefully use Hawaii tax dollars?

• Why would they develop a registration process that is going to increase the workload on an already overworked and understaffed building and planning department?
• Why would they seek to require homeowners, who are just trying to make ends meet, pay high registration fees?
• Why would they impose such substantial fines on homeowners, who are just trying to make ends meet?

• If this legislation is, “as they claim”, to protect the public from parking, noise and general nuisance issues at transient rentals as well as ensure public safety in the rentals:

    1. Don’t ALL residents have a right to this protection? Not just those living next to transient rentals
    2. Why aren’t health and safety standards enforced in ALL residences?
    3. Why is the county choosing selective enforcement and targeting TARs?

3) OFFER sensible solutions:

• Instead of restricting opportunities and imposing hefty fines focus on ways to incentivize homeowners.
• Instead of punishing and imposing lose/lose/lose only options, engage in dialog with the community.
• Instead of a big picture lose/lose for local families and local businesses, create platforms where new win/win/win scenarios can be tested and established.

4) REMIND, be kind and BE HONEST:

Here are samples you may use (please adjust to your own words) to express to your Council how you are feeling. We know many are upset and you can still communicate to them in an honest and kind way.

DEAR _______________

I am writing you regarding

• > You have a duty to act with integrity and transparency. < • 

• > You are my elected official, voted in as County Council, to serve and be the official voice on behalf of myself and my community. < •

• > You have a duty to act for the greater good of this community. < • 

• > This means that I voted for you to propose ONLY meaningful, justified legislation that reflects and solves the true needs of myself, my family and my community. < • 


This is where you will express in your own words why and how (give as many direct, personal, specific examples as you can) the bill is helpful or harmful to you, your family, your community, and our Hawaii economy.

Then you can share with your council member why they should be concerned about how they vote regarding this bill.


the Governor, the Mayor and County Council Member(s)

if you have the time, PLEASE send/cc your letter(s)
to any of the other County Council Members on the LIST.