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Dear Council Members – Survival Threat from Draft 4 on my overall financial survival and well-being.

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ATTN: Hawaii County Council Member [Recipient’s Name]

Subject: Survival Threat from Draft 4 on my overall financial survival and well-being.

Dear [Council Member’s Name],

I am a homeowner and resident of Hawaii County. I am writing to express my deep concern and apprehension regarding Draft 4 of the Transient Accommodation Rental (TAR) regulations. As a homeowner residing in a [residential zoning area or Agricultural zoning area], these proposed regulations pose a serious threat to my housing stability, homeownership security, and overall financial survival and well-being.
The income generated from renting out a portion of my property serves as a crucial lifeline to help cover essential expenses such as mortgage payments, property taxes, utilities, healthcare bills, and daily necessities like food. I know there are many in my community in the same situation.

The proposed regulations, if implemented, would severely restrict or even prohibit my ability to continue renting out my property. While I understand the need for appropriate regulation in the interest of community well-being, the potential loss of rental income would be catastrophic to me and many in my community.

The income from transient accommodations has allowed me to keep my property in good condition and ensure that it remains a valuable asset to both myself and the community. The income generated from renting out a portion of my property also allows me to hire several local families to assist me in maintaining my property. I know first hand their ability to put food on their table and pay to have a roof over their head is directly dependent on my ability to continue to generate income from my TARs.

What the county must take into consideration is losing the ability to rent out my property has much, much broader implications for local families and the local economy. Your bill will swiftly stifle so many people’s income streams that will lead to a significant decline in the local economy and negatively impact homeowners’ ability to sustain their properties effectively.

I implore the Hawaii County Council to consider the catastrophic consequences of implementing Draft 4 as it stands. I understand the need for regulation to address concerns related to transient accommodations, such as noise, safety, and overall neighborhood harmony. However, it is crucial to strike a balance between these concerns and the financial security of responsible homeowners who rely on rental income to meet their basic needs.

I respectfully request that the council review and amend Draft 4 to allow for a more reasonable and balanced approach. This could involve considering alternative solutions, such as implementing regulations to ensure responsible management of transient accommodations and best practices while still allowing homeowners to benefit from this income source within reasonable limits.

Thank you for your time and attention to this matter. I look forward to hearing about the council’s decision regarding Draft 4 and its potential impact on homeownership security.


[Your Name]