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Dear Council Members – Concerns Regarding TAR Draft Amendment unfairly targeting TAR hosts and operators.

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ATTN: Hawaii County Council Member [Recipient’s Name]

Subject: Concerns Regarding TAR Draft Amendment unfairly targeting TAR hosts and operators.

Dear [Council Member’s Name],

I am writing to express my concerns regarding the proposed draft amendment of Transient Accommodation Rental (TAR), particularly the operating standards section. While I understand the intention behind this legislation, as stated, is to protect the public from parking, noise, and general nuisance issues at transient rentals, it appears that the draft amendment may unfairly target TAR hosts and operators to selective enforcement of these standards, raising questions about fairness and equal treatment for all residents.

If the primary goal of this amendment is to ensure public safety and protect residents from nuisances associated with transient rentals, it is crucial to consider that all residents should be entitled to this protection, regardless of their proximity to such accommodations. It is unfair to concentrate the enforcement of parking, noise, and general nuisance standards solely on TAR hosts and operators while neglecting the welfare of other residents who may face similar challenges. The county should prioritize the well-being of all its residents, regardless of their location in relation to transient rentals.

Another significant concern that arises from the proposed draft amendment is the apparent lack of consistent enforcement of health and safety standards in all residences. If the county aims to safeguard public safety, it should ensure that health and safety regulations are applied uniformly across the board. It is puzzling why the county would selectively enforce these standards and target TARs, while other residential properties may not be held to the same level of scrutiny. All residents, regardless of their housing arrangements, deserve to live in safe and healthy environments.

By adopting a policy of selective enforcement and targeting TARs, the county raises questions about potential bias and unfair treatment. It is crucial to ensure that legislation is enacted in a fair and equitable manner, without singling out specific groups of residents. If the purpose of this amendment is genuinely to protect the public and promote public safety, then it is essential to apply these regulations consistently and fairly to all residents and accommodations within the county.

I urge the Hawaii County Council to reconsider the proposed draft amendment of Transient Accommodation Rental. I strongly believe that the county has a responsibility to protect the welfare of all its residents, regardless of their housing situations, and take the necessary steps to ensure that any legislation enacted is fair, equitable, and truly serves the best interests of the community.

Thank you for your attention to this matter.


[Your Name]