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Dear Council Members – Homeowner squatter worries. TAR plays a critical role in supporting Hawaii’s fragile economy.

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ATTN: Hawaii County Council Member [Recipient’s Name]

Subject: Homeowner squatter worries. TAR plays a critical role in supporting Hawaii’s fragile economy.

Dear [Council Member’s Name],

I am writing to express my concern regarding the restrictions that you are presenting on transient accommodation rentals (TAR) in our county. TAR plays a critical role in supporting Hawaii’s fragile economy. They employ locals thus sustaining a multitude of livelihoods, preserving homeownership, and addressing the financial sustainability challenges many locals now face.

TAR is not just a means of supplemental income for homeowners; it is the very foundation of creating financial stability for so many of Hawaii’s locals. The cost of living continues to rise and the ability to leverage a property through TAR helps so many local residents make ends meet – not just the homeowners. By restricting or hindering TAR, we risk jeopardizing our ability to keep our homes and our jobs and the financial security that comes with it.

Local homeowners will be forced to sell and even more, homes will be purchased up by the ultra-wealthy who have no vested interest in supporting or maintaining the local vibe and financial ecosystem of our island.

I understand that this bill is drafted as an attempt to solve the housing crisis for locals. Unfortunately, the reservations homeowners have when it comes to offering long-term rentals are at a maximum. Many are apprehensive about renting their properties to long-term tenants due to the considerable risks involved. Squatter rights and the threat of squatters is a significant concern for most. It is a very real issue that often leads to extensive legal battles – putting even more strain on our overwhelmed legal system and property damage to homeowners’ properties. As a result, many homeowners have or will opt out of LTR altogether as the risk is too high. TAR is much a safer alternative, mitigating the risk of squatters and protecting their investments as well as offering a multitude of jobs for locals.

By maintaining the option of hosted TAR, we secure financial stability for many homeowners as they in turn create jobs and income for many locals and their families and help sustain our already fragile economy that relies heavily on tourism.

I understand the need to address housing shortage concerns, but it is crucial to approach these issues with a comprehensive understanding of the catastrophic domino effect these restrictions will have. Hawaii County Council must take a look and acknowledge the vital role hosted TAR has in our community and economy.

I respectfully urge you to consider the profound impact that TAR has on the livelihoods of homeowners, and the preservation of so many local families. Let us work together to find other solutions that properly address the concerns of all while promoting the economic well-being of our community and economy.

Thank you for your attention to this matter. Please carefully deliberate the points I have raised and make decisions that are in the best interest of the community at large.

[Your Name]