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Collateral Damage SAMPLE LETTER 3

Urgent Appeal – Draft 4 is a Direct Threat to my Job/Business!

Please use the letter below as a sample.

After you copy/paste the letter into your email...

change as much as you can using your own words.

The more personal you can make your letter the more effective it will be! 

You are encouraged to send a copy of your letter to the Mayor and the County Coucil Member of your district.

If more than one letter expresses how you feel you are encouraged to send those letters (with your own words added) as well!

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ATTN: Hawaii County Council Member [Recipient’s Name]

Subject: Urgent Appeal – Draft 4 is a Direct Threat to my Job/Business.

Dear [Council Member’s Name],

I am writing to you today as a concerned resident who makes a living by servicing short-term rentals in Hawaii County [as a housekeeper, landscaper, property caretaker, maintenance worker or other small local business]. Draft 4 of the Transient Accommodation Rental (TAR) regulations poses a serious and direct threat to the job security for so many of us [housekeepers, landscapers, property caretakers, maintenance workers or other small local business] and our ohana who rely on servicing short-term rentals as their primary and often secondary sources of income as that is what is required to survive here in Hawaii and maintain the home of my ohana and ancestors.

The availability of short-term rentals has played a pivotal role in boosting our local economy and providing employment opportunities for myself and many families in my community. We are an integral part of the tourism ecosystem, and our contributions should not be overlooked or undervalued.

The proposed changes in Draft 4 of the TAR regulations, which seek to restrict or ban short-term rentals in all areas, will have dire consequences for myself, my ohana, and my community. These regulations would essentially eliminate a significant number of job opportunities and leave my family and friends without a reliable source of income. We have families and young children to take care of. We want and need the flexibility that jobs working with short-term rentals can provide – the flexibility of hours, time, and commute distance.

The loss of experienced [housekeepers, landscapers, property caretakers, maintenance workers or other small local business] would not only impact the quality of service provided to visitors but also harm the reputation of our county as a tourist destination.

As members of the Hawaii County Council who myself and my community voted for, to please reconsider the proposed changes in Draft 4 of the TAR regulations. While it is crucial to balance the concerns of residents with the needs of the community, it is equally important to acknowledge the essential financial support and flexibility the jobs short-term rentals provide for our local economy and the livelihoods so many locals are crucial to our survival.

Instead of implementing restrictive measures, I urge you to explore alternative solutions that address the concerns of residents while ensuring the continuation of a sustainable and responsible short-term rental industry.

Please take into account the voices of homeowners, housekeepers, handymen, and other small businesses that are deeply affected by these proposed changes.

Thank you for your attention to this matter. I hope that you will consider the implications of the proposed changes have, as my job and the survival of my family is at stake.


[Your Name]