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Make your opinions, feelings, suggestions known to those who are supposed to be making decisions on your behalf.


Prompts to help you write your testimony.

Make it personal about you and your service providers’ financial well being and survival.

(i.e. housekeeper, landscaper – and their families)

Be respectful and constructive. Avoid expressing emotional outrage.

1. Which bill is this testimony for?

  • Bill 121/TAR
  • Bill 122 B&B repeal
  • Bill 123 Ohana dwellings

2. Which district is your TAR in?

3. What has the TAR income helped you sustain your life on the island?
EXAMPLE:pay property tax, healthcare bill, supplemental income during leave from work, emergency fund, care for family member in distress, more nourishing food, etc.

4. List the services, frequency, and estimate incomes that you will have to stop distributing to fellow service provider residents of the island if you can no longer operate TAR?
EXAMPLE: The total of $1000 a month will stop flowing to fellow community residents because I will have to stop hiring my landscape help ($200×2 monthly), my cleaner ($500 monthly), and my handyman ($100 monthly)

5. Are you able to convert your space to a long-term rental if you can no longer do TAR? Why?
EXAMPLE: I am not going to convert my guesthouse to a long-term rental because my visiting family needs to use it from time to time and hotel rooms are too expensive for visiting family.

EXAMPLE: I will not convert to long-term because I cannot afford the financial risks of property damages from renters or the cost of eviction of non-paying tenants. Those costs are too great to risk. I would choose to reduce my expenses to make up for the loss of TAR income. The money I have to spend goes to support the local island businesses. The community will get less from me when I tighten my budget.

Write a letter to:

• Governor of Hawaii

• Mayor of the Big Island of Hawaii

• your County Council Member

Copy/paste a prewritten letter…

Please feel free to copy/edit/change and adapt.
Making it personal creates a huge impact!

Write your own letter…

Topics that would be important to write about.
Making it personal creates a huge impact!


the Governor, the Mayor and County Council Member(s)

if you have the time, PLEASE send/cc your letter(s)
to any of the other County Council Members on the LIST.


1 – SHARE WITH OTHERS – Email/text this link…

2 – LET YOUR OPINION COUNT! – Join others…

Hawaii County has set up a website that you can use to collectively share your opinion about this new TAR bill the Hawaii County Council is wanting to pass.

3 – GET THE WORD OUT! – Fliers to download, post and share…

more coming soon!